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After installation of your garage door, you need to inspect it regularly to ensure that it is functioning alright. You can check it once a week or at least once every month as instructed by the manufacturer or experienced garage door professionals, such as our garage door technician employees. They specialize in all kinds of garage door repair, and you can depend on them to fix any problem. For example, if the drum of your garage door is damaged, you might have to get it replaced soon as it is an important part of the garage door’s system.

You do want to get the damaged garage door part replaced, but only if it is damaged beyond repair. Our technicians in San FranciscoCA diagnose the problem and recommend its replacement only if it can’t be fixed. They are experts in garage door repair in San Francisco, CA and understand when to replace a malfunctioning garage door drum or any other part of the door. Even if the cable drum is dirty, you need to get it cleaned as the dirt reduces its lifespan. The garage door drum is constantly under tremendous pressure; therefore, you should not allow for any malfunctioning in its operation; get it fixed as soon as you notice it.

Garage Door Repair San FranciscoCA:

A garage door can break down suddenly after years of wear and tear. It is important to get it fixed as soon as you notice even minor symptoms of any malfunctioning. Our technicians specialize in the repair of all garage door parts, including sensors, weather seals, rollers, hinges, cables, and springs. We will make sure your garage door operates smoothly by adjusting its tracks. For getting your garage door fixed and last up to its normal lifespan, call us as soon as you find even a minor malfunctioning in it. We are adept in providing repair service for any garage door.

Garage Door Installation San FranciscoCA:

The steps to be followed for installation of different garage door models from various brands vary. Our technicians specialize in installing garage doors from Amarr, Northwest Door, Wayne Dalton, and many others. Whether you need to get a new garage door model installed in your home or more than a decade older one, our technicians in San FranciscoCA are at your service.

Garage Door Spring Replacement:

If you notice unusually loud creaking or any other unusual sound coming from the springs of your garage door, get them fixed as soon as you can. Delay in getting faulty springs may result in a serious injury to you or your family members, or damage your garage door seriously. Call our San FranciscoCA number now to get your garage door springs fixed or replaced.


San Francisco Garage Door Replacement:

If you find your garage door malfunctioning, or it has outlived its expected lifespan, it may be the right time to get it replaced by an upgraded version. This upgrade will not only secure your home but also improve its market value. Our technicians will recommend the ideal replacements for your garage door.

Garage Door Openers repair/install:

If you recently installed a new garage door, but didn’t bother to get the garage door opener changed, it may trouble you. Our technicians in San FranciscoCA can fix any problem in the operation of your garage door, but if they find that it is better to install a new one, they will do that too.

Repair All Brands of Existing Openers:

Our technician factors in door style, door height, horsepower, lift system, automation compatibility, timer-to-close feature, backup power, lock mode, infrared beam, and other specifications of an opener from any of the leading brands when repairing them. If there is a problem in your opener, call us to get it fixed.

Repair Off-Track Garage Doors:

Our technicians have expertise in repair of off-track garage doors. They know how to check the tracks for misalignment or damage, aligning them according to manufacturer’s instructions, cleaning them properly, looking for loose parts, and lubricating them. They will make sure your garage door never goes off-track again.

San Francisco Garage Door Panel Replacement:

Get your garage door panels replaced by hiring our seasoned garage door professionals. They will first examine your garage door to see whether they are strong enough to last a few years more. If that is not the case, they will recommend an ideal replacement for the panel and install it too.

San Francisco Garage Door Roller Replacement:

The instructions and safety precautions to adhere to vary for replacement of different garage door rollers. Our technicians in San FranciscoCA specialize in recommending the most suitable replacement for a garage door roller from any brand. They can also install a nylon roller in a garage door that did not originally have it. Call us now to know your options.

San Francisco Garage Door Cable Replacement:

Are you aware of the latest upgrades to garage door cables? Do you know about the latest garage door cables that can work better when installed in your garage door than your current cable? Our technicians will give you the required information, but first inspect your cable and try to repair it cost-effectively if possible.

San Francisco Broken Spring Replacement:

Our technicians are capable of replacing garage door torsion and extension springs. You can call them at any hour of the day in San FranciscoCA to get your garage door spring repaired or replaced. You can call us even if your garage door spring is making loud creaking noises as it may well be on the verge of breaking.

Wireless Key Pads:

We stock a wide range of wireless key pads for garage door users in San FranciscoCA. You can rely on us to find the ideal key pad for operating your garage door. Our technicians specialize in identifying the ideal wireless key pad for your garage door.

Garage door opener remotes:

We stock an extensive range of replacement garage door opener remotes for garage door users in San Francisco. If you need special remotes or simply a replacement of your existing one, our technicians can help. Call now to know more.

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