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We are San Jose Garage Door Experts and are into the business of providing garage door repair, garage door installation and maintenance services. We are a 24/7 organization and are opened even on weekends and public holidays. We also maintain and repair different parts like garage door openers, their major variants like keyless garage door openers, wooden garage door openers, electric garage door openers,garage door springs, etc.

We are a professional organization and understand that garage door opener repair and other issues come uninvited and unanticipated and thus can arise during any time of the day. To ensure that the customer is not left unassisted during these distressing times we offer 24/7 services, 365 days a year. Also customers facing emergency garage door opener repair or other issues can get in touch with our representatives and can place their service request. We assure our customers that such cases are treated on priority basis and solutions are provided within the same day.

Our technicians are adept at handling conventional parts like wooden garage door openers as well as the more advanced ones like keyless garage door openers and electric garage door openers with equal ease. Homeowners are also advised against attempting a DIY when facing complex garage door issues as mishandling different parts, especially the ones which perform the most vital functions like openers and springs can result in the door coming down thus giving rise to garage door accidents and can also effect the functioning of other parts.


We back our service commitments by providing a couple of service assurances. The purpose behind providing such assurances is to assure the customer that the concerns and issues raised by them will not be overlooked once the sale is made. These assurances are:

  • We provide lifetime warranty on garage door springs. Customers facing any issues regarding the functioning of these parts can contact our representatives during any time of the day. The name San Jose Garage Door Experts itself suggests that we are the front runners in the industry. These individuals in turn will communicate the service requirements to the technical experts who will provide the customer with an effective and swift resolution to their garage door spring issues. These services are one of the most sought after deliverables offered by us as garage door springs are highly prone to wear and tear and tend to break down after a certain time period.
  • We provide 100% customer satisfaction guarantee on garage door opener repair, garage door spring replacement, roller maintenance and all the other services provided. We assure customers that the project will be designed according to the specifications mentioned by them and will also be targeted towards accommodating their needs and preferences.

Customers Save Big When They Shop with us -H3

It has been observed that homeowners keep on procrastinating garage door opener repair and other related garage door maintenance and repair activities to a point when it gets blown into a major problem. Although this is not a healthy practice yet we understand that homeowners are hesitant when it comes to investing huge amounts on procuring garage door opener repair or other services and garage door opener or other parts. This is the reason we believe in creating value for our customers. A couple of services are targeted towards achieving this objective:

  • We keep on coming up with attractive discounts and offers on different parts like garage door openers, springs rollers, etc. and also on garage door services that we offer.
  • We stock and deliver quality garage door openers, rollers, springs and other parts. Moreover we also deal in different variants like keyless garage door openers, electric garage door openers, wooden garage door openers, etc. All these garage door opener variants and other parts are offered at affordable rates.

Customers in lookout of quality garage door openers, rollers, springs and other parts and also services are requested to get in touch with our representatives to know more.